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to use it and apparently applied for a grant to use it for rescue missions. today the a.c.l.u. will release documents to show they also intend to use the drone to spy on people. >>> today president barack obama will use it and they requested the meeting with the president. they want to urge with them on the solutions for the fiscal cliff. they will meet with white house speaker john boehner. in the meantime the white house is rejecting the latest proposal. house republicans send it to the white house yesterday their republicans plan does not increase tax rates which the white house insists must be included in any deal. >>> they are trying to make california public schools green. they will update the efficiency of public schools in california. it's being introduced by an assembly woman. the recent funding would come from proposition 39 and it comes from a fund. >>> police say 44-year-old john roady robbed the class sunday night. he took computers and other electronics. police recovered some of those during his arrest. he was on probation for burglary and now he faces new
such as tracking officers and reporting the use of force. >>> new this morning, it is now legal for same sex couples to get married in the state of washington. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that couple has been together for 35 years and received a marriage license in seattle overnight. they and others lined up shortly after the governor signed the voter approved law yesterday. >> washington state just legalized recreational marijuana. some pot smokers lit up just after midnight when the new law took affect and technically smoking in public marijuana is not legal and the feds are reminding people using marijuana is still a crime under federal law. >>> we are following breaking news of a police chase and crash in san francisco. claudine wong is live near the foot of the bay bridge to show us the damage, claudine? >> reporter: we are on essex and folsom and police say they did not chase the suspect but he did fail to yield and you can see the car hooked up to the tow truck. this is the essex street on ramp and folsom street shut down so if you take a look to where t
to the north of us, and the steady rain will be with us. you can see a few sells north of hillsberg, but this will be a quick moving system and i will timeline to show you when the rain will fall and when it will leave, good morning, tara. >> we do want to mention parking is free in san francisco, they will not be enforced so that is good news. >>> we have allie rasmus joining us from outside. >> reporter: good morning, brian, st. anthony is preparing 4,000 meals for people and the preparations will start behind these doors 90 minutes from now but the planning for this day took months. they really stepped up to cook enough hams and they left foods to serve and collected a total of 400 hams and they will be served starting at 10:00 a.m. this morning. they do serve meals here throughout the week but today's meal is he can a special and helping to serve is the navy and football cops team and they will be -- football coaches and they will be working to serve this meal and it will be served at 10:00 and a lot of people will be lining up to take advantage of this benefit. allie rasmus ktv
and people were coming to threaten us. >> many stores went into lock down. no shots were fired and the mall reopened about an hour later. >> teens in the brawl were arrested. >>> and in los angeles, thousands decided to hand over their guns to officials in exchange for something more useful. >>> the east coast is pounded with knowing day heavy storms. that same storm is being blamed for six death mostly from traffic accident. >>> airlines have canceled hundreds of flights and that has left thousands of travelers stranded. bay area airports have had days of delays because of rain here. >>> president barack obama arrives back in washington for high level cliff's. president barack obama cut short his christmas trip in hopes of negotiating a deal with republicans and the deal was to make tax cuts for the wealthy and raising taxes among the rich. the treasury announced they will resore to using a program to help sustain their money. they will look to borrowing where the government defaults on their debt. >>> former president bush remains alert talking with medical staff. former president bush wa
running rain on us. it will be mainly a morning event. it will turn very, very cold tomorrow. partly sunny and partly cloudy. here is sal. >>> good morning. right now traffic is okay. there are some road work delays but for the most part the wet weather is going to make it tougher driving on this monday. let's take a look at the freeways here. 80 westbound looks pretty good. but clearly wet weather right now. and if you are just waking up and ginning us, you will see that traffic times will be longer today. try to make plans to leave the house early today. san mateo bridge traffic that looks okay heading out to the high-rise with no major problems. let's go back to the desk. >>> today two victims in friday's deadly school shooting will be laid to rest. funeral services are planned for six-year-old noah and jack pino. he was a big fan of victor cruz. yesterday cruz wore jack's name in their honor. noah is the youngest victim. he just turned six a couple weeks ago. >> the president traveled to newtop yesterday. there was a standing ovation for law enforcement who were able to get dozens of c
's go to steve paul son. i had to use an old credit card to scrape the windshield. >> wow. make sure it's an old one. it will be a mostly sunny day on the chilly side. upper 40s and low 50s. here is tara. >>> thanks. we did have quite a bit of ice out there. i had to scrape my windshield as well. this is a lack at the east -- this is a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along very nicely there. and on the opposite direction. 101 through san francisco looks really good. traffic on the right heading toward sfo no delays. back to brian. >>> we begin with developing news from san francisco, a short time ago pg&e crews capped a gas like at the scene of an overnight house fire. alex savidge is in san francisco with video of flames shooting from that gas line. alex. >> reporter: i can also tell you two people were sent to the hospital after this early morning hour fire. hou -- house fire. you can hear and see pg&e crews out here. they are working on this natural gas line that ruptured and was on fire when this fire broke out around 1:00 this morning. a dangerous situation. flame
. alex savidge joins us now from the crime scene on sacramento street. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. lieutenant out here on scene told me it's much too early to say what the motive may have been for this deadly shooting. we do know a man was riding his bike here late last night when she was shot to death. you can see the investigation still ongoing. the shooting happened right outside of long fellow middle school. just about an hour ago we watched as the coroner took away the man's body. he hasn't yet been identified here. police were called out around 11:30. they got 911 calls about a bicyclist down on the sidewalk. officers arrived and quickly realized this man had been shot an eventually pronounced dead out here. homicide investigators are trying to find witnesses to this crime that can help piece together this homicide. >> obviously a loss of life is a significant thing. you can take every investigative step possible to catch whoever is responsible for this crime. >> reporter: the lieutenant told me he doesn't have any information on the shooter in this cas
pam cook. >> happy christmas eve, pam. >> you too. thank you. >>> for most of us we are drying out, we will have a little more on that but for most of us we are still dealing with flooding from the rushing river and parts of the napa river this will continue along the street as well as old boeheimian highway will explain some minor flooding as well, but for the rest of us u-we are waking up colder and i will break this down for you, talk about your dry day coming up, good morning, tara. >>> we have not too much to report and that's the good news your christmas eve. a look at 101 shows traffic is flowing very nicely and along the east shore freeway, you can see traffic looks great in both directions. 4:29 let's head back to the desk. >>> we begin with the peninsular, a creek overflowed into a neighborhood forking people to leave their -- forcing people to leave their homes. we will have an update on that situation in just a moment. >>> a flood warning for the napa river has beens canceled. the water started to level off this morning. many roads were closed yesterday and in forestvil
and pam. >>> we do begin with breaking news at a fire. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us now from the scene. janine de la vega is down there at the scene. we will check in with her in a moment. >>> meantime oakland police are searching for the person who abandoned a stolen truck caught fire causing a nearby fire to also go up in flames. and ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco is there with more information on who was injured and video of the huge flames. lorraine. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are looking for the person who started that fire and they are also looking for the person who stole that vehicle. you can see behind me the amount of wreckage left here this morning. we also notice there are security cameras out here. police will be checking that out. firefighters arrived just after midnight to find the car fully engulfed. they called it two alarms just after 1:00 a.m. here. there was one person inside the building during that fire. >> it was a security guard that was inside. our crews brought hem out. he was treated for smoke inhalation and transport
, it might be trouble for you if you drive a small car on the bay area bridge. just use extra care or an a causeway like this one. you might feel the wind blowing on your car a little bit. it's one of the small cars pretty small. no major problems reported at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 4:30 let's go back to the desk. >>> san francisco international airport is gearing up for what could be the busiest day holiday travel day of the season. allie rasmus is live there at the airport with information on how many passengers could pass the airport today. >> reporter: it's supposed to be one of the busiest travel days of the year for san francisco international airport with 130,000 passengers making their way in and out of the terminals here in a single day. even at 4:30 in the morning you can see there is more foot traffic. there is more activity than we expect to see here on a friday morning. you can see a number of cars and passengers unloading their stuff out of the taxis. making their way into terminal two. inside we just checked the board, we're happy to report there are no delay
of the remote control devices to be use you had in emergency situations as well. they are worried about possible be interference and i have phone users are now available. the relief comes three months after they replaced the maps on iphone. so apple maps move less to be likely causing him to issue an apology. its new map app is prepare your to the ones found on the website. >> and a new area is being considered for marin and the possible in the hot this stepping up security. in oakland, they will provide escorts and in san francisco, bart is adding extra patrols to the stations downtown. >>> 4:36 is the time and unfortunately we have a fatal accident. >> that is right. to you pus i is it >> it is not only busy bash disabout -- business i and part of the emergency vehicles, the actual vehicles involved in the crash had been moved to the right hand shoulder as investigators were still there and traffic is heading nicely taught mcarthur maze. and no major problems getting into the city. if you are driving northbound up 280 it looks good getting up to highway 17. hey, steve. >>> chuck can i 1 degree
problems this morning. alex savidge joins us from lafayette where the storm created a huge sink hole. alex. >> reporter: it will likely take months before we finally rebuild this roadway that collapsed out here yesterday. crews will begin later on this morning using an excavator so they can dig out debris from this creek and eventually secure this sink hole. that is the ultimate goal in the coming days. heavy rain over the weekend. overflowed this creek that runs underneath mountain view drive. the pictures are impressive. the problem here was the culvert they clogged with debris. under ground utilities were compromised in the collapse. a gas line was capped right away and crews were able to create a sewer bypass to keep waste from going into the creek. for a short time the biggest challenge was dealing with the 12-inch water main that is connected to a large tank just uphill. >> if that one does break if it breaks it all the way through there will be a million gallons of water coming from that tank on the hill. >> reporter: if that water line broken, the neighborhood would have been evacu
patrol tells us this started as a regular pull over. as a stop for speeding. the driver had been spotted speeding but the chp had the car pulled over at 90th. the officers got back into their patrol car and began following the bmw. they lost sight of that car momentarily. when they came over the hill here they came upon this deadly crash. the entire incident took place in a minute or so. the bmwt-boned the lincoln killing one woman inside. >> the bmw collided into a black lincoln. the driver of the bmw jumped z out of the car and began running along with its passenger. >> reporter: they eventualize caught that driver and were able to make a good id because they got a good look at him after they pulled over that bmw. at this point there is no signs of that passenger. i talked to chp earlier this morning. they are interviewing that driver to find out who that passenger was. trying to find out why they ran. right now there is no indication of why they ran. that is still under investigation at this point. the driver of that vehicle that bmw is in jail facing vehicle manslaughter charges. one
't fish for less than $3 a pound on this crab and they've gotten enough for us to put us back to work so we are going back to work. >> some predict they could be coming in as early as tonight and they predict there will be plenty of crab for christmas. >>> megabus includes whyfie an offers trips from los angeles to sacramento as well as trips from san jose to los angeles. the company briefly operated in 2007 but canceled due to a lack of demand. >>> hopefully there are no major problems? >> there are no major problems but there are no accidents because of the wet road and the east shore freeway is off to a doesn't start. it was not raining when i drove in. there are definitely wet roads from what happened overnight. we have no major problems getting on to the bridge and into san francisco. in san jose north bound 280 traffic is doing well. >>> i am in your face this morning, i am right in your face. i am going to step out of the way for a moment. we have an upstream system and our system is not doing much but highs will only be in the 50s. tonight scattered showers and this is a shower p
with a rifle case. police say when they interviewed the boys, one said he was going to use them on police if they got too close, meanwhile one was released to his parents. >>> it was the most successful gun buy back day they have ever had. the turnout was so great people ran out of gas waiting for a spot. mayor jean quan said the by backs were great and they are helping to control violence on the streets. >> there are many guns in the hands of young people... >> the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary donated the cash for guns. >>> reportedly the president is now offering to raise tax rates on hold hold income of 4,000 instead of 250,000. it follows house speaker john boehner for those raising more than a million. this is the most movement they have seen in the talks. >>> an event is scheduled in san francisco to mark one year since troops left. an event is schedule he had to get underway at noon. again, security remains a challenge in the country 9 people were wounded and were wounded in dozens of bombs across the country after suffering a stroke. >>> richard engel is safe after he a
used to be an appliance shop and they were called about a structure fire there again. fire engulfed the building and it was just a one-alarm fire and took ten minutes for firefighters to put it out. the cause is still under investigation and according to the battalion chief there are thoughts about how it started. the business had been vacant since august of this year. it is the budget a bly plie answer -- a bly plie answers store -- appliances store. after that the business had closed and there was no power and no roof to the pulling but as for this fire which happened at the same spot, firefighters are not sure what the cause was but you heard the battalion chief who said it may have been caused by squatters who said they were trying to keep warm. >>> they are trying to find out if two pipe bomb incidents are related. two students led away after a pipe bomb was found on campus. fortunately nobody was hurt but investigators now hope security cameras and finger prints from the bomb will lead to an arrest. >> it may have created some damage in the school absolutely. >> reporter: they
in for the mountains. >>> thank you mark. this morning, two state top officials will talk about the u.s. consulate in libya. it comes after an independent review panel talked about failures for security at the consulate. it led four state department officials resign -- officials to resign yesterday. she is expected to testify next month. >>> -- hillary rodham clinton is expected to testify on that next month. >>> house speaker john boehner said his measure is a backup incase talks to avert the fiscal cliff fail and president barack obama opposes plan "b" and if it arrives on his desk, he will veto it and he wants to tax people making more than $400,000 a year. >>> and a new twist in the scandal, the reason they will still get paid despite the recent resignation. >>> and looking good out to the high-rise, we will tell you more about the morning commute. . >>> good thursday morning, off to a cold start, look what is headed our way, rain factors could be here as early as this afternoon in the north bay. >>> we have storms possible in the south. some parts of iowa and wisconsin could see as much as a
. >> in an bun dance of caution we are trying to utilize all the reasons to us here in the county. police will decide whether or not to search the water again. >>> michelle le will be -- giselle esteban was convicted of murder and faces at least 25 years in prison for killing michelle le. >>> antolin garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea, he is charged with 3 attempted murders. >>> and he was stabbed at a christmas celebration in the park. the teen was stabbed in the chest and arm and police say his injuries were not life- threatening. >> i have two small children and it would make mythoi coming back around here especially late at night. >> i would control the situation, i would not leave them unsupervised. >> they say three people ran from the scene and police are still searching for them. >>> one of two teenage girls will be laid to rest. 15-year-old rachel and another teen was found early in the morning and each had been shot multiple times. no arrests have been made. >>> one man is dead after a shooting in front of his antioch home. coming up, remembering what happens. they are su
. >> reporter: that's right, that rain is catching up with us and i sort of had some rain catch up with me on my way to work. there is no traffic to report, look at the east shore freeway and east shore freeway is moving well as you make your way to the mcarthur maze. >>> lorraine blanco is live with a power outage and any details with that, good morning lorraine. >> reporter: you can see there is no power in this neighborhood and pg&e is hard at work trying to restore power to as many customers as they can. a few hundred customers are without power off the 580 east in oakland and they say the power started as they crashed into a power pole right there. let's look at what we saw when we got closer to that crash. the driver of the nissan altima was going left when she crashed. she kept going yet crashed into another vehicle. she spun out, hit that power pole splashed it in half and knocked out power to 6,000 customers. that driver left the scene and police are looking for her this morning. pg&e will try to get power to a couple hundred customers in the next 30 minutes so it will be just a few doz
there on the off ramp that is closed until 5:00. so if you need to use it, you're going to need to take a different route. get off a little bit earlier or later. let's head back to the desk. >>> topping our news this morning a fan fell about 30 feet from the third deck at last nights raiders game. christien kafton is at the field. >> reporter: there is still a lot of questions about what happened here last night. let's show you what we know so far. here's what we do know, a fan fell or either fell or jumped from the third deck there. you can see how high that deck is to the lower concourse below. that fall an estimated 30-50 feet. the fan fell during last nights raiders-broncos game. emt, police, and sheriffs deputies were all on scene so they were able to respond quickly. there are conflicting reports over whether that fan fell or jumped. emergency work earns took the man to highland hospital just 3.5 miles away with serious injuries. the man's identity has not been released. the raiders have released a statement saying they have no information beyond what investigators are releasing so far but th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)